Friday, May 26, 2017

Purple Balloon RoomBox

The Purple Balloon RoomBox
For Sale

Love This Paper.  
You Can Use this Room as a Nursery or a Little Girls Room

Fully Electrified with 2 Working Outlets.
Power Supply Included

HandMade FirePlace

This Room Has a Plexi Glass Front

OverAll Dimensions:
10 3/4" Wide X 7" Deep X 10" High


Custom Paneling

Maple Flooring

$395.00 + Shipping

If Shipping is Less, I will Refund the Difference

ButterFly RoomBox

The ButterFly RoomBox
For Sale

                                  Just Waiting on the Glass

Fully Electrified with 3 Working Outlets
Power Supply Included

If you Hate the Ceiling Fixture, You Can Easily Replace it with your Own.
Top of box Removes to Access Wiring

2 Permanent Shelves

Really Pretty Papered Exterior

OverAll Dimensions:
Frame is  11" X 13"
Depth is 7" 

Floor Space:
5" Deep X 8" Wide

Custom Paneling

HandPainted Floor


$429.00 + Shipping
If Shipping is Less, I Will Refund the Difference

Keep in Mind, It can take till next week to get the glass because of the holiday.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

IT'S ALIVE...........

My Garden is Coming To Life

Love the Iris, even tho they were supposed to be blue

I think the trees are done shedding now so I can get to cleaning up the mess

Then I can put down a nice layer of Mulch.  Nice and Dark

You can See the Train Tracks or is it track?  Hmmmm  in these pictures

G Scale Trains Size

Lots of Weeds.....Errrrrr.....

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New RoomBox

I Love these Little Pugs made by Miss Sally World.  So much expression......

I saw this paper and had to use it.  Really pretty 
Pattern and Colors

The Floor was a kit by Tom Walden.  Went together Real Nice.  I bevelled the edges a bit

The sofa is by.... Errrr I forget her name.......  It will come to me

I took the pictures without the front glass frame.  

The top comes Off so you can get to the Ceiling Lighting
Chandelier is by MINST
Floor Lamp, not sure, but I think the Kummerows