Wednesday, May 24, 2017

IT'S ALIVE...........

My Garden is Coming To Life

Love the Iris, even tho they were supposed to be blue

I think the trees are done shedding now so I can get to cleaning up the mess

Then I can put down a nice layer of Mulch.  Nice and Dark

You can See the Train Tracks or is it track?  Hmmmm  in these pictures

G Scale Trains Size

Lots of Weeds.....Errrrrr.....


  1. Un jardín fantástico, disfrútalo:-)

  2. Your garden is beautiful Liz, and looks like a lot of fun with all the little homes and train!

  3. Love the photos of your garden in bloom and love the iris as well!
    It is always good for our souls to see a garden of flowers, but twice the pleasure to see tiny dwellings, when planted in amongst them. :))