Thursday, April 12, 2018

So these are a few pieces I am working on.  The pictures are pretty bad, but i think you can get the idea.  Remember  nothing is finished yet.....

 This is a 2 storey Victorianish Piece.  I put fantastic looking metal feet underneath.  The spiderweb stained glass is by Barbara Sabia and is lit from behind.  Looks really good.  Both floors have paneling.  Both rooms will have sliding glass to keep all your goodies dust free.  Still working on the lighting and a few other things,  so far, so good......

This one is 3 storeys.  It is a sid cooke shop kit.  It will have the front opening panels.  The 1st floor is a shop with a built in case  The opening panel has a door and a bay window.  High hats in the ceiling  hardwood flooring.    the 2nd floor has a fireplace and sconces   Still working on the details..  The exterior I think, Will be stucco and maybe some brickwork,  not sure.....


This is a small shadowbox to hang on the wall.  It is battery operated, so NO wires.  The fabric on the wall is a Greenman 
pattern.  There is a push button on the side for power.  

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