Thursday, June 28, 2018

Real Glass on Sides and Front Panel - Which is Removable to Fill

Electrified with 1 Working Outlet
Beautiful Chandelier Made by Cilla of MINST
The Colors Match Perfectly

Custom Paneling

Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Ceiling Decoration

Silver and Light Purple Knob
This Top Panel Lifts to Connect the Chandelier
                    50.00 - shipping

Monday, June 25, 2018

Battery Powered RoomBox

Battery Powered RoomBox

This Box Will Come with a Hook to Hang it on the Wall.
No Wires
Battery Powered

1 Working Outlet
Floor Lamp Not Included

Cherry Flooring
Custom Paneling
Greenman Pattern Fabric on the Walls

PlexiGlass Front Panel (Removed for Pictures)
Slides Up to Fill

Overall Size:
12" High X 10" Wide X 5 1/4" Deep

Floor Space:
3 7/8" Deep X 7 1/2" Wide

                  40.00 Shipping