Friday, May 26, 2017

Purple Balloon RoomBox

The Purple Balloon RoomBox
For Sale

Love This Paper.  
You Can Use this Room as a Nursery or a Little Girls Room

Fully Electrified with 2 Working Outlets.
Power Supply Included

HandMade FirePlace

This Room Has a Plexi Glass Front

OverAll Dimensions:
10 3/4" Wide X 7" Deep X 10" High


Custom Paneling

Maple Flooring

$395.00 + Shipping

If Shipping is Less, I will Refund the Difference

ButterFly RoomBox

The ButterFly RoomBox
For Sale


Fully Electrified with 3 Working Outlets
Power Supply Included

If you Hate the Ceiling Fixture, You Can Easily Replace it with your Own.
Top of box Removes to Access Wiring

2 Permanent Shelves

Really Pretty Papered Exterior

OverAll Dimensions:
Frame is  11" X 13"
Depth is 7" 

Floor Space:
5" Deep X 8" Wide

Custom Paneling

HandPainted Floor


$429.00 + Shipping
If Shipping is Less, I Will Refund the Difference